Past Symposia

For the past several years, the Duke Student Chapter of SAF has gathered forestry-minded folks for a daylong discussion on an interdisciplinary topic.

2013:  Risky Business? A Conversation on Forest Finance, Policy, and Management in a Climate of Change 

2012:  Establishing Roots: Incorporating Community Values into Forest Management

2011:  From Research to Reality: Exploring how Biomass, Climate Change, and Forest Technology are affecting the Forests of the Southeast

2010Family Forests: The Future of America's Forested Heritage

2009:  Seeds of Change: A Renewed Perspective on Forest Policy

2008:  Forestry in a Globalizing and Changing World

2007: Forestry and Conservation: Understanding and Creating Linkages

Typically, 4.5-5 CFEs are awarded by SAF for the symposium